Peg Doll Princesses

 When I asked EJ what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted princes to go with her Disney princesses. Not only would it be expensive to double her collection it is quite difficult to find the partners to most of her characters. I have always liked peg dolls so thought why not make her a new collection of princesses and princes? When I showed her some pictures of ones I found online she was adamant that they were what she wanted.

For weeks leading up to her birthday she'd excitedly remind me that she was getting "peg doll princesses" when she opened her presents. I better not disappoint!

Fortunately my mom was up for a painting project and jumped right in to designing and painting the lovely dolls.

The result was seven happy couples (Sleeping Beauty still needs a partner.)

EJ was thrilled when she opened her presents and found exactly what she wanted.

We had an extra box lying around and made a pink castle to house all her princesses.

This was a fun painting project and my mind is already reeling on the next set I'd like to make. Maybe characters for CJ's train set... For now though I'm just going to be happy with the set we made.

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