EJ Wants a Pet

Ever since she discovered my fish bowl EJ has wanted goldfish. A lot of time has passed since she got her first fish Betty Beta so don't think she remembers much of having it in Pensacola. We made it through Norfolk and San Diego without getting her another but decided it was time for her to get her own pet.

"Franklin Wants a Pet" is a popular bedtime request and at the end of that story instead of choosing a cat or a dog as a pet Franklin ends up with a goldfish. Clean and quiet. I'm not sure if EJ would have made the same decision if she had the choice but she likes the idea of a fish

Now that we're settled for a bit, and she doesn't have any other pets, we thought it was time to make a trip to the pet store. DaddyO and the kiddos came back with a bag of fish.

They filled the fishbowl up with water. Berkey water of course!

Then they added the stones and decorations.

The fish acclimated to the water and then were swimming about.

The gold fish are named Akeesha and Mater, and the small white fish are Gil and Bertha.

Just one morning with the fish and CJ spilled cream into the tank. 

Fortunately we found out that the bubbler filters out quite a lot and the water was clear in no time. There is something quite relaxing about watching the fish swim around.

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