Independence Day 2014


We showed our red, white and blue spirit as we celebrated our America's Independence Day in Japan. We missed being with family and celebrating my father's birthday but it was a fun day nonetheless. Here are some of our past 4th celebrations (2011, 2012, 2013).

We started off the day with a delicious lunch at our neighbors then headed to be a part of the base's parade. After marching in the Nazareth Kazoo Parade last year I was excited that the kiddos had the opportunity to be in one here.

We met up early with the different groups participating. CJ was thrilled that a motorcycle gang would be riding.

He got the chance to try out one of the bikes.

Talk about beaming!

There were also friends of EJ's.

The marching band arrived.

As well as a Humvee and emergency vehicles.

Nothing like having an armed soldier at your back.

Then it was time to go!

DaddyO loaded up the strollers with beads for the kids to toss.

An ingenious way to clear our our stash:)

CJ kept his eyes on the vehicles as we walked.

The parade ended at the grassy field.

We enjoyed a dinner of corn on the cob and hamburgers as we listened to a band. Then we headed home to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy and the fireworks.

We had a wonderful view of the display from our back porch. They lasted for over thirty minutes and the kiddos ended up on EJ's bed watching them through her window. I don't think she'll forget that experience.


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