First Book of Sushi

"First Book of Sushi" has become of favorite of the kiddos. I caught CJ readying it to Baby B and loved hearing him pronounce the names of sushi in his own little voice.

I see take-out tekka maki, 
kappa maki packed to go.

Temaki-style hand roll with uni urchin roe.

Miso in my sippy cup,
tofu in my bowl.

Crab and avocado fill my California roll.

I'll take yellowtail hamachi
and red maguro slice.

Big, BIG futomaki 
has so many grains of rice.

Ikura, squishy salmon roe
like dabby dots of jelly,
salty on my lips
and yummy in my belly.

Eggs tamago and
shrimp ebi
dipped in soy sauce
(not a lot).

Pink pickled ginger cools my tongue, 
hot, hot, HOT!

Tobiko, flying fishy roe
flying from Japan.

Someday I'll eat with chopsticks,
but today just with my hands.

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