Yochien Open School

tanabata decorations
We got our first chance to visit EJ's school to experience a couple of her classes. Fortunately DaddyO made it home just in time for this event and we split the classes. I got to watch a music class and he sat in an art class.

The yochien has a music teacher from Tokyo University come to teach the students their music lesson every couple weeks.

the principal introducing the teacher

EJ's first instrument is a Suzuki Melodion. I am very familiar with Suzuki, my parents started me in this music school when I was five, but I had never heard of a melodion. It is similar to the harmonium, melodeon, and pump organ. Suzuki describes it as:

"Highly acclaimed throughout the world, the Melodion has come to be looked upon as one of the single most advanced learning systems ever devised. No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques, such as keyboard fingering, breath control, as well as solo/ ensemble performance in a truly portable instrument. Home practice now becomes practical and enjoyable."

She has been practicing at school and we were excited to hear her play it! Here is a glimpse into her music class.

DaddyO then got to go to her classroom where they made origami animals.

showing the class
 Tanabata is just a few weeks away so the school was decked out with the kid's decorations. EJ's pink bunny was hanging outside her classroom. The kid's wishes were written on top and EJ's was for safety for the family.

My Japanese friend did ask me about this and I explained that we pray for DaddyO's safety flying every night so that is probably why EJ had that wish. I sure do love my girl.

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