Welcome Home DaddyO

After 42 days apart the kissing jars were empty and we were ready to welcome DaddyO home from CA.

We had an extra day than planned to get ready for his arrival. Thanks to plane problems in San Diego he arrived on a Sunday instead of Saturday. The kiddos used the extra time to make him welcome home signs for our door.

Without further ado our backpacks were packed and we were ready to catch the bus to Narita. 

We rode with some friend's from DaddyO's squadron. The girls colored in the back while the boys cuddled with me.

Then we were there!

We had a few hours to kill for DaddyO landed so we had lunch.

And hung out at the observation deck watching planes land and take off.


I got the text that DaddyO had landed so we headed to the arrival gate and the kiddos watched for him to walk by.


There was a bit of excitement when he walked through the doors.

Finally back together as a family!

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