Music in the Morning

A visit to EJ's yochien was near the top of my to do list while Avia and PopPop were visiting. With PopPop's long tenure as a teacher and vast experience in education, I wanted him to see what the schools in Japan were like.

My friend and translator set up a morning to visit and it just so happened to coincide with their monthly birthday celebration.

We started off in the classroom where we got to listen to EJ's class sing their morning songs. I learned that all yochien teachers are must be able to play the piano to receiving their teaching certification. What a treat for the students to have a teacher playing along.

Then we headed up to the auditorium to celebrate all the children born in August. The kids marched into the auditorium with crowns on their heads and to their classmate's clapping and sat up on the stage.

Their parents sat in the back to celebrate with them. Each gave a special message to their child as the program progressed. 

After the classes sang "Happy Happy Birthday" the teachers gave a special program for the students. This one entailed the students guessing the sounds of everyday household items; a great lesson in listening, recognizing, and guessing. We were impressed by the length of time the they held the student's attention.

The kids sat on their evacuation hats not making a peep. So impressed!

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