"Adorable" Dance Recital

After months of dancing at class and at home, her recital day finally arrived. Avia and PopPop landed just in time to sit in the audience.

Getting ready for the recital can almost be as much fun as the recital itself.

Avia watched a quick tutorial on bun making and set up her own salon for EJ.

A dab here and sparkle there.

Our ballerina was ready.

She looked so sweet in her yellow tutu.

It was finally time to go to the theater.

The girls compared their dances as they waited for the show to start.

DaddyO and CJ were ready to applaud.

Her class tapped on to the stage and began their "Adorable" dance. They matched the lyrics!

One thing I have learned as a dance mom is to have flowers ready for afterwards. EJ loves a bouquet of flowers.

EJ is very blessed to have such a wonderful dancing school on base.

Her teacher instructs a perfect mixture of self expression and technique. Thank you Ms. K!

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