Shabu Shabu

The kiddos new answer to the "where do you want to go to dinner" question is a resounding "shabu shabu." Funny enough Syabuyo is directly across from our favorite Korean BBQ restaurant, their previous favorite answer.

〒242-0021 Kanagawa-ken, Yamato-shi, Chūō, 1 Chome−4−14

This has been our first time going out for this style of dinner so it has been fun learning how it's done. Mostly just watching the tables around us.

First we choose the set of meat we would like.

 Then we head to the salad bar to load up on the veggies and noodles we would like to cook.

Of course there is also rice with and assortment of pickled toppings to choose from.

We discovered that the dips are what really make the meat pop. There are five different types.

 This is the first of three courses. We have yet to have all the meat delivered. We are usually full after the second course.

Then the cooking begins.

The meal is called "shabu shabu" after the sound of the meat being swished in the broth. The Japanese love labor intensive food and the kiddos couldn't agree more. It's dinner and entertainment combined.

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