Christmas Tree Lighting

Every drive through the front gate the last two weeks reminded us of the upcoming Christmas tree lighting. There is an evergreen next to McArthur Park that rivals Rockafellers in size (although maybe not beauty) and is the perfect focal point for a Christmas gathering.

I met up with a couple of my Japanese friends for a night out with the kiddos.

They were excited to see how extensive the petting zoo really was. It consisted of a big open area with every pettable animal (and even ones I wouldn't consider pettable) running around.

Just a week after Thanksgiving they even got to see some live turkeys.

We warmed up in the food court, my Japanese friends were quite excited to try some American food and then it was back outside. 


Funny enough I didn't get any pictures of the actual tree lighting or tree for that matter. But I did get some of us making s'mores. It doesn't get much more American than that on a winter night.


Then it was dancing to the U.S. Army Band Ensemble. 

It was a night that brought lots of warm Christmas cheer.

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