Mochi Pounding International Party

We spent the day after Christmas celebrating the upcoming New Year the Japanese way, pounding mochi. A Japanese friend organized the pounding party at her local community center and I was excited for DaddyO to get the opportunity to join me at one of our get togethers.

Kaori prepared the rice. She got the mochigome もち米 (glutinous rice) kernels from a cousin who grew it on his farm. She prepared it in her rice cooker and then transferred the steaming hot rice into a tradition mortar (usu) and we took turns pounding it with a wooden mallet (kine).

The result was a sticky mass.

This was divided into individual portions and served in three different ways: with sweet bean paste (anko), wrapped in seaweed (nori) and served with soy sauce (shoyu), and rolled in soybean powder (kanako).

A variety of pickled vegetables were also prepared.

We loaded up our plates and enjoyed the lunch outside together.

What a fun New Year's tradition.

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