Our Japanese Christmas Tree

 Each of the last four Christmases has brought a new location to find our tree. We started off with the tradition of trudging through the snow to track down the perfect one. California made that a little difficult so we switched to flip flopping through a tree lot as a zealous Christmas tree salesman pointed out the virtues of each tree he displayed for us. This year entailed me driving up to the NEX's tent of trees, choosing the last one left of the size we wanted, and paying for it without it even being unwrapped since I was just happy we had a tree before they ran out.

The kids were excited as could be as the Japanese workers saran wrapped it to the roof of our van, and were quite helpful as I lugged it up to our apartment on a grocery cart. We stored it on our side porch till DaddyO returned and did the big unwrapping. No matter where we are or how we are picking it out, bringing home our Christmas tree will always be a special holiday tradition.

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