Backyard Camping Grandpa Style

Grandpa took the cousins on a long trek to the great backyard for a night of camping. They had been talking about it all day and were squealing by the time the tent bag came out.

They helped grandpa spread it out and figure out where all the poles went.

What would camping be without a fire?

Grandpa likes to make big ones!

They licked the gooey marshmallow sweetness of their fingers and were ready to settle in the tent.

The beauty of camping in your own backyard is the comforts of home are still easily accessible. Instead of a lantern they had a lamp and sweat and bugs were kept at bay with a 400 watt box fan blowing on them.

They read stories, sang songs, and wrestled. This lasted till 9 p.m. and then they started coming up with excuses to come in the house. EJ wanted water, JN followed after her.

It was a great night of camping with Grandpa, they will be talking about the tent and fire for a while!

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