He's a Yankee Doodle Dandy

born on the 4th of july
We not only celebrate the birth of our country on the 4th of July but also my father's birth. Mixing both holidays into one always seemed to make them extra special. Cake is a given as well as fireworks. This year we had the whole family (minus DaddyO) converge at my parent's house to celebrate. It was a full day of activities...

The grandkids woke up to Independence Day toys and accessories to enjoy throughout the day.

We had patriotic fruit with our breakfast and then headed to the kazoo parade in Nazareth.

The kids were handed kazoos as they were gathered into groups to hum songs and march.

Instead of making our annual trek to downtown Philly (didn't sound the most relaxing with four kids under the age of three) to watch the fireworks we went to our church's picnic. It was old fashioned fun with food, games, and cake contest.

The kids painted grandpa's pinata, it wouldn't be a birthday without one, and put sprinkles on his cake.


The celebrations ended with fireworks and glow sticks.


Here's to another year; Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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