Paint Chip Notebook

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to picking out paint chips. My eyes are bigger than my painting needs. I arrive home with the full rainbow array of colors and then must whittle my selection down to just one.

I'm in the process of painting an ally find (old blackboard) and accessories (wood frames) for CJ's room. The chosen color for now is Inchworm. A bright, yet not too florescent, green that will pull and play with the other greens in his room.

What to  do with my left over paint chips? Make cute notebooks of course! They just take a couple minutes to make, require everything you probably already have (paint chip, copy paper, stapler), and are the perfect size to slip in your pocket or purse.

Behr has my favorite paint chips. Yes, there is a big difference. Behr's are bigger, have four colors, and more imaginative names. The colors of the notebook below include: Costa Rica Blue, Windjammer, Isle of Capri, and Ocean Blue.

Start with your paint chip and five or so sheets of white paper. 

Fold both in two and then staple the spine with three staples.

Whala, your paint chip notebook is ready for you to sketch, jot, or write in!

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