Fishing at Evergreen Lake

my little fisherman
 Our family headed to Evergreen Lake for a morning of fishing. It took a bit of research to find the perfect spot to take the kids. Once we arrived at this picturesque lake, just a short drive from our house in Bath, PA, we knew we had found it! The lake is stocked with trout and there is a lot of shade.

It took a little time for EJ to warm up to the worms and get her fingers dirty, but once she did she was all about them. I just had to be sure she didn't see me get squeamish about putting the worm she had just split for me on the hook.

finding the work a home

Fortunately her uncles were a big help with all the icky stuff.

The little ones (and big ones) were catching fish in no time.


We took twelve trout home with us. Uncle J cleaned and fillet all of them and we enjoyed a tasty fish fry that night.

the fish I caught!

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