My Pink Bowling Ball

Bowling has always been a fun excursion for us but now that we have our own bowling shoes it is also a cheap one.  I have also been getting free game coupons to our local bowling ally from RiteAid (my weekly photo trips for DaddyO are paying off) so now is EJ's time to learn how to bowl!

Of course EJ needed a special bowling shirt for the game . With a little fabric, heat' n bond, and thread the shirt was ready in 15 minutes.

applique template
 I love seeing how excited she is to wear her "occasion" shirts!

i love bowling this much
  We met up with some friends for a girls night (plus CJ of course) out to hit some pins.

EJ of course picked out a pink ball to throw (looks orange in the pictures) and cracked us as she carried her 8 lb ball to the ramp. She insisted on doing it herself.

Her favorite part of the game turned out to be watching for her ball to come up the belt. Ahh, the little things that bring so much excitement:)

waiting for it
that's my name!
Amidst the sound of balls, pins, and teenybopper music, CJ had a restful nap. Can't wait till he can play the game with us!

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