Two Peas in a Pod

picking peas
My Texas brother and his family spent the last two weeks with us at my parents. EJ has enjoyed every moment with her uncle, aunt, and cousins. JN is just a month older than her and, although they have very different personalities, mesh together like two peas in a pod.

Grandma has been anticipating the family gathering for a while and of course made sure there were some vegetables for the cousins to pick while together. Their favorites were the peas and carrots.

The pea plants have been producing large sweet peas for the last month. They were easy for the little ones to pick.

 Once all the pods were gathered from the plants the cousins sat around the porch husking the peas and popping them in their mouth.

The carrots came in a variety of colors. Purple, orange and white. EJ and JN squatted down and pulled with all their might.

 Out popped the colorful vegetables ready to be used in grandma's soups.


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