First Sunday in Philly

degas ballerina statue
The first Sunday of each month is a great day to visit the Philadelphia Art Museum. It is "pay as you wish" at the museum which means a quick visit with kids is much more affordable.

We started the day at Tenth Presbyterian Church, a favorite of DaddyO and mine, located just a couple block from Rittenhouse Square.

It was a cool rainy day so the umbrellas came out.

EJ is always excited for an excuse to use her ladybug umbrella.

We spent the afternoon taking in the great artists at the museum. Degas' ballerina statue was EJ's favorite.

The knights were just like those in her Cinderella book.

She found a painting of a real king.

 Was awed by the large tapestries.


Made friends by the fountain.

And finally passed out in the stroller.

It was a wonderful first Sunday in the city.

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