Overnight at Avia and PopPop's

all smiles for avia
We are very excited that the number of days separating DaddyO from us is dwindling down but with that comes the realization that we will be moving away again from our extended family. They have provided so much love and support these last nine months and we will really miss them.

We are trying to squeeze in as much time as we can with family. We headed to Avia's and PopPops for two days filled with fun and learning.

Avia got her watercolors out and taught EJ painted Japanese flowers with simple brush strokes.

A rainy evening was brightened with a candlelit tea party on the back porch. We wore scarves and boas, and daintily devoured Avia's citrus oatmeal cookies with the tea.


A highlight of every visit to Avia's is her devinely delicious waffles. She has the waffle batter mixed before we wake up and the iron is hot and ready for waffles as we walk down the stairs. It's the first thing EJ asks for when she wakes up.

EJ learned about colors and fabrics as she helped Avia set out squares on her quilting board.

I got to make some progress on my dress shirt quilt. This will be my first quilt and am excited to write about the process when it is complete. The squares are sewn, now I just need to add the border and backing.

While I was sewing, Avia made a strip apron with EJ. They sewed strips of scrap fabric together.

EJ learned the importance of ironing as you sew.

After a little tailoring it was ready for her to model.

We will always remember our wonderful overnights with Avia and PopPop!

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