Turkey Path Hike

The weather was cool and overcast, perfect for a mile and a half hike to the river floor at the Grand Canyon of PA. We weren't sure if we were being to ambitious taking the Turkey Path with two little ones. The fact that the ranger's station sold t-shirts and bumper stickers boasting about surviving the hike was not comforting, but decided we'd see how far we could go.

The trail started off with a gradual slope,

but then one side of the path fell away and the trail steepened.

There were quite a few signs reminding us of the dangers of the trail.

EJ heeded the warning and was excellent at holding Grandpa's hand as we hiked down.

We saw interesting rock formations, plants, and bugs along the way.

We got to catch our breath by a waterfall halfway down.

The soothing sound lulled CJ to sleep.

Before we knew it we had reached the bottom. We were expecting such a strenuous hike that it was a pleasant surprise seeing the river below.

EJ had fun jumping from rock to rock and skipping stones along the water.

EJ climbed up all of the 242 stairs (Grandpa counted them all) as we started the hike back up but then was ready to rest a little on Grandpa's back.

We completed the hike in a little under two hours. Not bad with two little ones. I was tempted to buy a bumper sticker on the way out but thought I'd save that for when we climbed Pikes Peak.

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