Six Months Old

Each month seems better than the last. I remember feeling this way as EJ went through her different baby stages as well. I forgot though how quickly they develop and their personality blossoms.

CJ is my happy little guy. He gets especially excited about about people, food and mobility. He squeels when he sees a smiling face, lunges with mouth wide opend whenever food is in view, and crawls across the room in a matter of seconds.

I call him "my little giraffe" as he takes giraffe length naps, 20 minutes here and there. Just long enough to jump in the shower or do an activity with EJ, but not long enough to clean the house or read a book. He wakes up with a smile and a coo though so I quickly get over my frustration at the short naps.

EJ is enjoying his growing up just as much as I am. She trades toys with him, helps change diapers, and shares her food. His looks of utter admiration towards her make my heart melt. I hoping their loving dynamic lasts. I think it helps that she feels a part of taking care of him and is proud to be a big sister.

milestones: crawling, pulling up to a seated position, standing with assistance, 5th and 6th teeth, feeding himself pincher food

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