Grimm's Farm Pumpkin Patch

I love autumn. It delights every one of the senses and brings so many warm and cozy feelings. Having lived in FL the last couple years I missed the change in seasons, but fortunately PA brings it in full force.

What better way to enjoy a cool fall day than at a farm? We headed to Grimm's Farm for a hay ride, corn maze, and pumpkin picking afternoon.

We started off on a tractor driven hayless hayride.  


 Then ventured into their six acre corn maze.

EJ had fun running through the maze. I was expecting some fairytale characters to pop out as we went, how could you have a name like Grimm and not, but all that popped out was her Uncle J.

The apples trees had been picked clean but EJ was still able to find a couple ground ones to get the idea of where apples come from.

There was no shortage of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch though. EJ looked for the biggest pumpkin she could find but then we told her she could only take home one she could load in the wagon. It was fun watching he heave and hoe as she loaded one in.


She wasn't as successful at pulling the wagon.

What is a pumpkin patch without a few pumpkin pictures? Couldn't let the beautiful hues of orange go to waste.


As if that wasn't enough, there was a play area to slide and play on hay bails.

And delicious pumpkin ice cream.

Grimm's farm got us in the autumn spirit.

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