10 Months Old

This month is all about independence. CJ knows what he wants and is on the move to get it. Forget about keeping him in one place for more than a few seconds let alone lying still enough in a clothes basket for me to take a picture.

CJ is usually up an hour earlier than his sister in the morning so we get to spend some quality time playing in the playroom while I sip a cup of tea. When EJ finally wakes he'll let out a little squeal as she comes down the stairs. Then he is off to follow her around the house. 

CJ is just a few steps away from officially walking. He can toddle a couple steps unassisted but after falling to his bum usually decides that crawling is much faster.

He is quite vocal about what he wants now. He has found a high pitch shriek that quickly gets our attention.

It's fun to watch his little mind reel as he takes in what is going on around him. I can give him a task like "give this book to your sister" and he is off. He'll turn around when completed beaming with pride.

Fortunately he is still good on the road and got two thousand more miles under his belt with our trip down to Pensacola. I had his backpack filled up with toys and continuously handed them to him in between Mum Mums.

He gives the sweetest kisses, open mouthed and slobbery, and I can never get enough of them. His loving spirit makes all the little parenting frustrations totally worth it. We finish our day with kisses all around and him waving to the family as we head up the stairs.

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