St. Patrick's Day Parade

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a day early this year by attending Norfolk's 46 annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade. EJ has fond memories of last year's parade so she was very excited to attend another. A downpour of rain hit just as we were about to head out so I wasn't sure if it was cancelled bu when the sun peaked out a bit later we thought we'd try anyway. We were greeted by crowds of people decked out in green lining the streets and had to do little walking to find an open place for the kids.

Norfolk has more Irish blood in it than I thought.
EJ had fun waving and cheering along with Avia.

 CJ worked on his wave for a bit.

And then decided the view was better for DaddyO's shoulders.

We enjoyed variety of Irish themed floats.


The cars and trucks caught CJ's attention.


It was a parade to start off the St. Patty's Day weekend. Now for the corned beef and cabbage!

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