Favorite Norfolk Activities

ready to go
My parents are visiting this weekend and I'm greatly anticipating a few minutes/hours/afternoons of free time alone, by myself, without the kids. How will they enable me to I enjoy such unaccustomed time? Well, in order to be properly prepared for the "what should we do with the kids?" question, I have prepared the following list:

1 - Norfolk Botanical Gardens
2 - Mount Trashmore Park
3 - MacArthur Indoor Playground
4 - Lynnhaven Mall Carousal and play area
5 - Hermitage Museum and Gardens
6. Children's Museum of Virginia
7. Colonial Williamsburg
8. Library (Norfolk and VB)
9. Virginia Zoo in Norfolk
10. Virginia Aquarium
11. Blueberry Gap Farm

Now I just need to make a the list of projects I hope to complete with that free time. I don't have a feeling that will be difficult.

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