One Fish, Two Fish

We extended the Dr. Seuss birthday celebrations by meeting up with some friends for a Dr. Seuss themed playdate. We found some of our favorite books and prepared snacks that went along with them. I chose "One Fish, Two Fish" and each child got their own bowl of two red fish.

This was the perfect snack for EJ to help me prepare. 

I'm not a fan of "Jello" (too much coloring and sugar) but it's hard to find naturally occurring blue fruit juice. I decided on a happy medium and made Gatorade jello. I was actually quite surprised once the jello was made how mellow the flavor was. The Swedish Fish are a perfect match adding sweetness to the jello.

EJ became an expert at inserting the fish into the jello. I suspect though a few never reached water:)

Then it was time to read with the girls.

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