WI Roadtrip

A 900 mile drive to WI sounded a bit daunting after all the time we've spent in the car the last couple of months, but everything seemed to line up to make this the best time to drive west to we packed up for another road trip.

DaddyO stayed home to remodel our bathroom while I headed up to PA to pick up my parents.

We loaded up the Mazda 5 and then drove out at 5:30 for the 13 hour overnight drive to my parent's home state.

Fortunately car trips are something EJ still looks forward to with great anticipation and this one wasn't any different. She knows she'll get to enjoy special snacks in her car-seat and see fun new places. All her excitement trickles down to little brother.

The drive across PA, OH, IN, and IL was straight and flat. We kept ourselves entertained with books on cd and conversation. We drove in shifts and were able keep a steady pace. The kids fell asleep around 8 p.m. and woke up at our destination. Oh how I miss the days of just being a passenger.

We arrived in Madison a little over 13 hours later.

It was beautiful to watch the sun came up on a snow covered countryside.

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