DIY Silk Tie Spring Eggs

In preparation for Easter Avia brought a couple silk ties down with her to try out a fun project she had learned about from Aunt C. This is such a simple and fun way to decorate eggs I have to add silk ties to my list of items to be on the lookout for at thrift stores (DaddyO doesn't have many ties).

Avia cut up the ties to cover the raw eggs, wrapped the silk right side down against the egg, covered that with the interior of the tie, and then EJ helped her secure the fabric with rubber bands.

The eggs were then boiled in vinegar and water.

 Then we waited for the silk die to transfer to the egg shells.

Once the eggs cooled it was time to unwrap the fabric and see what what was inside. 


CJ got in on the project.


We found a beautiful purple paisley transfer exactly what was on the tie.

 This tutorial gives more detailed instructions.

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