Great Grandparents

We went from my dad's side of the family to my mom's in just a couple hours drive. My grandparents live in the same house they moved into when my mom was just three years old so there are a lot of memories within the walls. My favorite memory is of my first Easter egg hunts with them in my grandfather's garden.

EJ was excited to see all the Easter decorations and CJ had fun riding the bunny.

 EJ and her second cousin Carter are two peas in a pod and have a blast together every time we visit.

 This time they got to go on an Easter egg hunt.

ready to search
here's one
and another
one for you
and one for you
it's a peep
assessing the bounty
 I feel so blessed to have the memories of the kiddos with their great grandparents. What a great legacy for them to look back on.

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