Washington Sakura Blossoms

It just so happened that we headed back to VA to reunite with DaddyO the same week the cherry blossoms were in their peak blooming season.

Cherry blossom viewing season was a favorite time while living in Japan and I was curious to see how DC compared.

We booked a room at the Bolling Navy Gateway Inn  and were greeted by some beautiful trees before we even entered the city.

We drove to see the trees around the lake that evening. I was amazed by how crowded the whole area was. The paths were packed with people strolling between the trees and blankets were spread out beneath the blooms. We decided to enjoy them from our car and return early the next day.

The blooms were a couple days past peak and and petals fell to the ground like snow as we walked beneath them.

The city hosted a cherry blossom viewing festival and we enjoyed some American favorite with a Japanese twist.

I must say the number and quality of the sakura blossoms rivaled many I saw in Japan but I did miss the kimonos.

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