12 Months Old

It is amazing how much has changed his first twelve months of life. Starting off as a helpless baby spending his day sleeping and eating (not to mention the diaper changes) and ending as an active toddler with too much energy to sit long enough to eat or let himself fall asleep.

The body is fearfully and wonderfully made and I'm continually reminded of that with CJ's unending bumps and bruises. Fortunately he can go from looking like he's fallen down a flight of stairs to baby smooth in a matter of a day or two. I don't know if kisses are much comfort but I smother him in them anyway. He seems to love it.

We are down to one afternoon nap and my goal throughout the day is to keep him active enough that he is exhausted enough to fall sleep quickly for both nap and bedtime. DaddyO is a big part of his nightly routine and has the magic touch to put him to sleep without nursing. He still cuddles up with me at night for milk but I know that is only going to last a little longer so I'm enjoying it.

Getting him to lie still enough for his twelve month picture was a challenge. He preferred to roll, sit and climb out of the basket. 

I guess that is why continuing to 24 months would be a difficult idea. He's much prefer to be climbing and riding on the tiger with his sister.

 It has been a special first twelve months with my little guy and I hope I always savor the time I'm given with him.

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