National Arboretum

We stopped at the National Arboretum for a few hours on our way down to DC. If my mom hadn't recommended the garden  I don't think i would have discovered this gem. It's situated just a fifteen minute drive from the capitol and not to be confuted with the United States Botanic Garden.

We could have spend all day walking the paths but only had a couple hours before we checked into the Navy Lodge.

I was thrilled to find the Asian gardens with a Bonsai collection (one of the largest in North America) and Ikebana exhibit.

We primary purpose for coming to DC was for the cherry blossoms and seeing the exhibits brought back a lot of memories of our time in Japan.

The flower arrangements were some of the best I have seen. The simplicity of the arrangement highlighted the beauty of the flowers and harmony between the geometry and color.


The kids enjoyed exploring the corridors of bonsai trees.

And found their favorites.


Not only was this a fun excursion for my mom and me, but the kids had a wonderful time exploring the grounds and seeing the plants.

I can see the love of nature and gardens being cultivated in both of them.

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