Fireworks Bursting In Air

What is Independence Day without a good fireworks show. Bethlehem has always had enjoyable ones, but this one was spectacular.

We headed to the Steel Stacks for a patriotic concert by the Allentown Band. Founded in 1828, the Allentown Band is the oldest civilian concert band in America. Their performance was top notch. We were right up front so the kids got to see everything.

From there it was off to find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks.

They exploded overhead and since these were CJ's first I was happy to find he had no problems with the flashes and loud bangs. EJ covered her ears a few times but loved every minute of the show.

It ended up lasting so long that CJ fell asleep before the finale and continued sleeping right through it. I guess I wanted a baby that could sleep anywhere through anything I got one. Happy 237 years America!

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