Remembering Their Rooms

With all the moving we do with the Navy, the kids will have a variety of bedrooms before we settle in our "forever" house. I have tried to photograph their rooms in each house so we can look back at their spaces throughout the years and see how they've changed

CJ's room was a pastel green with pink accents everywhere.

She played the most with the dresser that DaddyO turned into a dress-up armoires.

Her princess memorabilia sat on top.

On her bedside table sat her ballerina picture and Jesus Storybook Bible.

On the other was a picture of her and DaddyO and a few of my favorite figurines when I was a child.

Above her dresser, a framed magazine cover of her best friend N at our favorite beach. Avia's hand made doll was ready to be loved and I'll be teaching her how to sew soon on the vintage children's sewing machine.

Barbara the dog cuddled between her pillows ready to dance or sleep. Whatever the occasion brought!

CJ's bedroom came painted and curtained and I wouldn't change the color. It fit in perfectly with our decor.


 In the far corner sat our game dresser with aviator themed items on top.

Of course my Little Aviator people are a favorite of his:)

On his bed sat DaddyO's dog from when he was a boy and a praying bear from aunt and uncle.

Both bedrooms have provided a tranquil setting for the kiddos to play, read, and rest. I cherish all the wonderful times we've spend together here.

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