Old Fashioned Church Picnic

This is our second year attending my parent's church's Independence Day picnic and it is everything you'd imagine a church picnic to be. Food, music, games and fellowship; old fashioned fun for the whole family.

Pastor Burd started off the festivities the only way that was fitting for this Independence Day, reading excerpts from the Declaration of Independence.

Then it was time to eat. The Red Rooster corn was a big hit.

Then there were the games. Grandma won us a pie in the cake walk and EJ and Grandpa competed in the watermellon spitting contest.

I don't know how it happened but DaddyO was asked to be a judge for the dessert bake off and he got to put his taste buds to the test.

The weather was hot and humid and the kids figured out the best way to keep cool by playing in the cooler ice.

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