Nazareth Kazoo Parade

We started our Independence Day celebrations by marching in the Nazareth Kazoo Parade, number nine on the World's Quirkiest Parade list. This was EJ's second year marching and I was excited to experience it.

We all piled into the car for the quick fifteen minute drive over.

We gathered in Nazareth High School's parking lot.

Received our kazoos (made by the Kazoobi Kazoo factory of course) and practiced some songs while we decorated the stroller.

The we were off through the streets of Nazareth.

We hummed to patriotic songs and waving to those we passed.

EJ was excited to be a part of the parade instead of just sitting on the sidelines and played her kazoo quite beautifully. CJ kept time with his flag.

This was a fabulous start to our holiday festivities and something I would love to add to our traditions. I have a feeling this is going to grow bigger in the coming years.

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