Pack-Rat Pick-Up

It was a stormy afternoon the day our Pack-Rat was picked up. CJ and I stayed nice and dry inside while we watched the truck pull up and load up the crate.

This is the third Pack-Rat DaddyO has loaded and by far the heaviest. We did a DITY (DoITYourself) pack-out our last move from Pensacola, and wised up and did a partial DITY move this time. There were three reasons we decided load up a Pack-Rat. First, we could clear out our house early to make room for the renovations we were doing. Second, we could remove the clutter and stage the house for potential renters. Third, DaddyO got a great workout loading up the nine thousand pounds. Actually, I think he'd prefer other workouts but the amount we earned made every ounce of sweat worth it.

 The weight limit on Pack-Rats is seven-thousand pounds (Pods only allow four-thousand) and there were a couple seconds that the truck groaned under the weight of lifting our crate. DaddyO wasn't sure if it would make it on but we've gotten to know PRJ the last year while we were accessing our Pack-Rats in storage, and he assured us the crate would make it to CA just fine. We will soon see!

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