Change of Command

DaddyO's squadron had a change of command last week and I was finally able to attend this special ceremony. Before my "sahm" days, I had to work durtng his change of commands and be content with seeing DaddyO off in his whites and then hearing about the event second hand. This year I booked EJ in the CDC for a couple hours and got to enjoy it without any kiddo interruptions.

The ceremony took place in the Whiting Field Atrium. Flags hung everywhere and a silver biplane was suspended behind the stage. It was an impressive patriotic setting!

DaddyO stood behind the audience looking as handsome as ever in his whites with his sword at his side giving commands to the student aviators behind him.

EJ made it to the reception in time to enjoy some cake with DaddyO. She was intrigued by his medals and wanted to stay in DaddyO's arms.

One thing I enjoy about the military is all the tradition. It was wonderful being a part of this one.

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