My Laundry Helper

EJ is my little helper when it comes to the laundry. Since we seem to have a never ending pile of things waiting to be washed, she gets to help a lot.

First she empties the clothes in the dryer into a basket and cleans out the lint tray. It may take her five minutes to get the lint tray back in, but it is always fun to watch her try. I then hand her the clothes from the washing machine and she loads the dryer. Her next favorite part is sitting on top of the dryer and loading the washing machine with clothes as it fills with water. It is always fun to have water involved! Finally we shut the top of the washer and she gets to pull the dial to start it.

Never underestimate what your kiddos can do to help around the house. It may seem like a chore to you but to them it is playtime. Plus you will have well trained helpers as they get older!

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