Toddler Bed Delivery

We had a special delivery today; one that reminds me how quickly our little girl is growing up. EJ now has her own bed!

We sold her crib when she was around year old as we could count the number of times on one hand that she had slept in it. We decided to forgo the scream it out philosophy and do what seemed natural for us so we had her sleep in our bed. The result has been a child who likes going to bed, and will even tell us when she is ready.

When we saw how excited she was to find that there are beds just her size, we knew it was time to order one for her. She had fun unpacking the pieces and helping DaddyO put it together.

She has not spend a full night in her new bed yet, but she does like relaxing in it with her books and is quick to point out each of our beds. As much as I look forward to her sleeping in her own bed, it also makes how quickly she is growing up real. It seems like only yesterday that I was laying her down in her bassinet. Oh my sweet little EJ.

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