Repurposed Glass Jars

If you have ever been in my pantry you probably noticed that I like to save jars. Big, small, square, circular...I have plans for a second (or third) life for them all.

jars make fabulous water glasses, and if you save the lids they are perfect for on the go in your picnic basket. Marinara jars now contain the fruits and nuts I buy in bulk from Ever'man Natural Foods (healthier and cheaper). I could go on with the uses (or foreseeable uses) I have for my jars, but today EJ came up with yet another!

I was organizing my lids and jars when she climbed on the table and started sorting and screwing the lids on the different jars. She was fascinated by the different colors and sizes and spent a good 15 minutes playing with them while I finished cleaning out the pantry. It was nice to have yet another reason to keep my collection going.

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