A Day As Planned

Today was one of those days I had envisioned would be the norm as a stay at home mom. After EJ was born I discovered how unpredictable each day can be...unpredictable but special. I do appreciate it when everything goes as planned:)

So here is my day...

EJ slept into 7:30 giving me plenty of time to take a shower and catch up on a few chores around the house. She woke up smiley and cheerful, ate a big oatmeal breakfast, and eagerly put on her new orange t-shirt dress I had made her the night before.

We met up with Hop Along Mums and Bubs at 8:30 for Rainbow Park Days at Sander's Beach Park. She happily climbed all over the playground and had fun with her friends.

At 10:30 we went to our weekly Library Storytime at Pensacola's Main Library. EJ loved singing the songs and even paid attention to the stories.

After that we headed to Ever'mans for lunch and a little grocery shopping. EJ inhaled the chicken and shrimp gumbo and was excited to pick up her favorite snack, freeze dried pees!

a yummy lunch

and snack

By the time we got home she was ready for a nap and fell asleep within a few minutes of lying down with me. Now I have a few hours to catch up on the computer and maybe even spend sine time in the garden...

I wish this was my typical day but it probably makes me all the more thankful when I am blessed with one like this!

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