Bethlehem's Annual Celtic Classic

 Bethlehem has wonderful festivals. I think the combination of  being close to big cities like New York and Philadelphia from which to draw musicians and performers and the historic surroundings that add instant beauty and character to the events make for a memorable time. The Annual Celtic Classic is another favorite of mine, a close second after Musikfest.

My brother and his girlfriend Claire joined us for a weekend of Irish fun. EJ wore her "shamrock" shirt and I dug out a green dress. Why not be proud of that wee bit of Irish in our background. According to my grandpa we have a family crest to go along with the Kearney name.

EJ got to watch her first Irish dancing. She was wide eyed at the dancer's fast feet and bouncing curls.


Saturday morning was the big parade consisting of band after band of kilted bagpipers marching by.


It is such a beautiful instrument. One I would love my son to learn how to play. With all the Celtic music I play on Pandora, the chances of that are quite good.

Seeing this little boy march along with his daddy was so sweet.

I got to see my favorite history teacher waving the Scottish flag all decked out in Celtic pride. I was happy he still remembered me after all the years:)

We watched a rock throwing competition and perused the Irish and Scottish shops. I restrained myself from buying DaddyO a kilt but it is on my wish list for him.

It was a fun festival made even more wonderful by enjoying with family.


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