Cousin Time

With Uncle B on the ship heading our way, Aunt L and the boys drove down to help us give them a loving welcome. They came a day early and at the hotel next door so EJ got to spend a lot of quality time with her cousins.

Avia made some delicious homemade pizzas and we laid out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic together.

Then C and O jiggled EJ up a bit on the bed. She was in her glory!

Despite the cold and windy weather, we bundles up the kids and went for a walk along the beach. They discovered a giant sandcastle to climb on and fire fountain to huddle around.

The best part of the night, according to EJ, was swimming in her cousin's pool. She hadn't been swimming since our Bahrain trip and was thrilled to get her swimsuit on with her cousins.

They walked hand in hand to the pool.

And jumped right in!

I wasn't planning on having CJ swim this time but he wasn't about to be left out. Avia had no problem rolling up her pants and getting in with him.

EJ was thrilled to be with her cousins who swam like fish.

We had a wondreful night together before the big homecoming day. They gave me the much needed distraction to help the time go by quickly.

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