Our Broken House

surveying the repairs to her "broken" house
Besides being home early to spend time with the family, having DaddyO in Jacksonville for a couple weeks allowed us to make the six hour drive to Pensacola to see our fire damaged house.

Neighbors and friends had sent pictures of the damage but nothing compared to seeing it in person. We were about a month and a half into the repairs and renovations. Lathe and plaster walls and popcorn ceilings had been removed inside the house and the back walls had been torn off. I could stand in the second floor front bedroom and see through the walls to the backyard. It was still hard to envision the end result of the repairs and renovations but big progress was being made.

Here is is the initial damage:

The house boarded up:


And repairs underway:


We realized seeing the house made an impression on EJ when she started calling it her broken house. Thankfully big changes are under way and it won't be broken much longer. By the time the repairs and renovations are complete the back roof line will be extended, the first floor ceilings raised, and a second story porch added. DaddyO is afraid that if I return to see the house I won't be willing to leave it. That is probably true.

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