Quiet Valley Harvest Festival

We began our stay a my parents at Quiet Valley with Animal Frolic Day so it only seemed fitting that we mark the end of our 8 months together with another visit to the farm. EJ insisted on wearing her pink cowboy boots (she just might get to ride a pony) and my mom found my old bonnet for her. She looked my little house on the prairie cowgirl.

This was Quiet Valley Farm's biggest festival yet. We parked in a field by the farm and got to ride a bus to the festivities. This was an exciting start for EJ; she loves riding buses!

Nestled amongst the old farmhouse and barns were tents set up with food, crafts and music. Enough to keep us busy all afternoon.

First we stopped at the pony rides and EJ  got to walk her pony in a couple circles.


We sampled a delicious variety of foods made the old fashioned way.

We sipped soup served from an iron cauldron.

Enjoyed scones baked over a wood fire.

 Found a recipe we want to try for funnel cakes.


Sampled scapple, a PA Dutch delicacy they prepared the old fashioned away.

We also tried cornbread, minced tomato pie, grilled sausages, and hand churned ice cream. It was quite the feast by the end of the afternoon.

EJ and CJ's favorite part of the day was seeing and petting the farm animals.


The sounds of dulcimers, banjos and violins wafted over the air as we visited the tents. There were strolling musicians and groups performing in tents.

The girls wearing crowns of woven flowers and dancing barefoot to the music transported me back in time. I felt as though I was experiencing an episode of Christy. EJ just took it all in.

It is wonderful how these fun excursions are also educational experiences. EJ learned how to churn butter, spin yarn, and what life was like on a farm two hundred years ago.

I'm sad we will be moving further away from this wonderful farm soon but am thankful for all the wonderful experience the kids and I have had there with Grandma. We always have a great place to visit when we're with them.

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