USS Enterprise Tiger Cruise


DaddyO got to fly home early because he was in charge of the advance detachment for the 2012 USS ENTERPRISE Final Tiger Cruise. He was responsible to on-load all 1400+ Tigers in 3 hrs. In the mix were his two most important Tigers, his brother and father. PopPop was on the bus driving down from Norfolk that got a flat tire and Uncle B flew down with no issues after Hurricane Sandy caused all sorts of issues for the North East.

With DaddyO's phone ringing non-stop, PopPop and Uncle B got to see their little brother/son in action. Once on board the first thing was to show them the stateroom.

It was a great experience because DaddyO's room was empty so all three O's could sleep in the three racks stacked on top of each other.

DaddyO was off the ship for 10+ days, but had to get right back to work. You can see him in the V4 Division Office with the purple door.

They swung by the arresting gear engines.

And then ended up in the tower where DaddyO took control of the return of 4 helicopters for the cruise. 

Next it was off to the flight deck. In full flight deck uniform, they got to experience what DaddyO did for the last 8 months.


Uncle B and PopPop also got to experience some unique experiences, the last every "funky" shoot off of the USS Enterprise. In front of thousands of Tigers, DaddyO got dressed up in a full spandex suit and launched aircraft for the last time off of the USS Enterprise.


Another tradition that PopPop and Bro got to experience was the Boot Shoot. The Shooters all shot their boots off of the catapults to celebrate the last launching of aircraft in their Naval career. With over 8,500 launches during the cruise, the 8 shooters were the last flight deck shooters on the USS Enterprise. 

DaddyO had to take PopPop to the smoke deck every once and a while, but it gave him the opportunity to celebrate the last night on board the ship while underway with a cigar in company of his father and brother.

DaddyO has now made the sunset cruise on two ships, the USS Kittyhawke and USS Enterprise.

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