Neighborhood Friends

end of the line
It was wonderful returning to Pensacola and seeing dear friends. We didn't need moving away to realize how truly special they were to us, but having them a thousand miles away was a strong reminder.

all smiles
 EJ was in her glory to spend a long weekend with her very special friend N. It's a wonderful relationship because not only are the girls best friends but her parents are ours as well.

We first met at a library story-time, got to know each other better through a holistic mom's group, and sealed our friendship through sewing play-dates. DaddyO immediately hit it off with her father who was a bit of a Renaissance man himself (builder, artist, computer man, etc.). Conversions were never dull!

little princesses
Nothing had changed after being away for almost a year. The girls immediately put on their princess dresses and headed up to the play room. It was a weekend full of doing everything we loved to do.

It was hard to say goodbye but at least we know our paths will always cross. Who knows, we may be much closer in a few years. That is my hope!

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