The Long Drive South

The time had arrived to welcome DaddyO home! He was arriving a couple weeks early thanks to the fact that he was in charge of the USS Enterprise's final Tiger Cruise ( a special cruise that allows ships returning from deployment to embark relatives or guests, "Tigers", for a portion of the homebound transit).

The plan was that the Navy would fly him from Naples, Italy to Jacksonville, FL to prepare for the arrival of the 1,500 Tigers that would be embarking when the ship pulled into port. I would drive down in three legs stopping in Norfolk, VA and Beaufort, SC and meet up with him in Jacksonville for a week. Of course nothing goes as planned with the Navy.

We loaded up the car, said our goodbyes and had an uneventful (thankfully no flat tires this time) drive down to Norfolk. While staying at my brother's house I got a satellite call from DaddyO informing me their flight had been diverted due to a hurricane in their path and he was now on a plane headed to Shannon, Ireland (the same airport I had been at a month before). He would probably be flying into Andrews AFB that night.

What great news! We would meet up with him a couple days early and he would drive the next two legs with us.

He arrived in the middle of the night and gave EJ quite the surprise when she woke up the next morning. DaddyO was almost permanently home!!!

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